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Originally Posted by MeeWah
Timing tricky because other factors contribute. I prefer to not ask about timing, but if timing involved, to instead see to what cards may allude.

Almost the same associations as tarotcardrose, but rely on whatever comes intuitively & not always strictly corresponding to suit.

Aces & Knights can indicate the time of year/season, according to those associations already determined.

In addition, Major Cards usually associated with longer periods of time because they tend to allude to 'whenever the lesson learned'. Or according to their elemental attributes which can suggest time of year or the particular Year Card.

Some time ago, a chance personal reading confirmed general impressions on the life trends. In addition to referring to other things, 5-Pentacles indicated a span of 5 years, less or more by a year or two. Changes ensued within that time frame & culminated about 2 years later.

Several weeks ago, advised a client on a difficult situation. Resulted in a layered reading. 2-Swords appeared, & partly based on it, saw it best if action taken within 2 months' time or prior to September. & best to be prepared to act on short notice because indications opportunity could occur at any time. Though situation marked by the slow progress where the client's interests concerned, some how things swiftly fell into place last week--before September.

Whatever the associations decided upon, consistency tends to work. & be open to the stray or tangent impressions, too. The latter of the intuitive & carry more weight.

Me too, btw. I put my method above, but I almost never use it. SO many things can change the timing of something it would be almost a miracle if the answer you got corresponded to reality. Unless someone else has been accurate with their method, in which case I'd love to hear about it.

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