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I've thought of this card as a sort of a cross roads... not sure why, but it fit once with a reading I did with this card.

I do like the comments and descriptions so far, because it does feel like the main event happened and everyone is off someplace else. THAT made me think of the lack of people and the hut set off from everything... the origin of the Honeymoon... where after the happy couple were joined they stayed together in that hut for one month without doing anything but be together and drink lots of mead "honey wine"... they didn't work, they didn't socialize with others, they just focused on their new mate.

So in that regards it is the completion of one thing and the intitiation of the new, going beyond in one sense and setting boundaries in another... creating the foundation. The symbolism is good too, the round eternal circle of the hut and the square of the wands. The foundation for eternity.

Oh now I see where I got the crossroads idea... you follow the path and can either enter the hut or the woods.... protected domesticity or the wild side (or can't see forest for the trees).
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