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Originally Posted by Rosanne
I can see the connection. The Winter Solstice is the Pagan holiday celebrated after the ending of the old year. The day after the length of sunlight begins to increase day by day. Some people call this solstice 'The Sun is reborn'. It is the start of transformation- the return of life and Springtime.
In certain traditions winter solstice eve is known as The Night of the Mother, as She is about to give birth to the Sun King, after which She returns to her virgin state.

Maybe this is stretching it but...
In pregnancy the woman subsumes her own needs, locked in a relationship with the foetus, the needs of the foetus taking priority. At birth the umbilical cord is cut.

Also thinking about.... how women have been demonised, how womens bodies and reproduction have been controlled by patriarchy.

Could this be about woman's right to choose... and that in choosing to subjugate her needs to that of another, the 'chaining' a potentially productive thing? Is this not a passionate and powerful thing - the energy of the devil? There are echoes of The Lovers [15... 1+5 = 6. The Lovers]

This is a challenging re-rendering of the Devil card.... fascinating.
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