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Originally Posted by WolfSpirit
I would prefer to do the cards in the order the artist put the cards (connected with the lunar calendar) ~ this is something I know very little about, and it is one of the things that make this deck so special.
The lunar calendar order of the Maat Tarot definitely attracts me as well. I've been trying to get in tune with a more natural calendar order rather than the bizarre current Gregorian calendar, and studying Maat in this lunar order will help to get me better in synch with the cosmos.

As several of us have expressed this interest in following the order of the cards as presented by Julie Cuccia-Watts, let's start off the study that way. After all, the goddess Maat stands for "correct order". However, anyone should feel free to post on any Maat card in any order, as their interests take them.

Since the moon just entered the first quarter on Sept. 30, I will post a thread on the 3 of Swords to get the study going.

May our study of the Maat Tarot bring us closer to that "ideal state of the universe"!
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