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Thanks Strange2, for starting the Maat Study Group with your insightful post on this - for me - difficult card.
The card is growing on me. I get a different feeling from this card as from the traditional 3 swords - the heart pierced by swords.
In the traditional card I feel frightened, or sorry for myself, it has to do with me and unhappiness that is coming to me, one person.
In this card - I feel sadness, but not so much sad for my own sake, it is more sad over what the bird stands for: "the oppression of the spiritual by the dogmatic" (quoted from the book).
I think this card - and the description in the book - can help us take our personal grief to another level. It helps us to connect with the world again, instead of wallowing in our grief and cutting ourselves off from the rest.
I come to this conclusion through what she writes about the 3 swords as well:
"Our heart breaks when we feel loss. But science tells us there is no loss, that energy cannot be destroyed it can only change form. [...]Love does not die it only changes form.[...]If we love without needing to possess or control, if we can love with an open hand then we could learn to love without expectations and far less pain".

Thanks to this deck I learnt something about a card I always had some kind of problem with.
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