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EDs and the Celtic Cross

Funny that you should mention this I just found this thread while doing research for an upcoming class. I'm going to send all my students here to read all the variations!! Although I don't use the Celtic Cross that much, I do have a personal version I use for when it's requested by clients. That's shown as #1 below.

But actually, in recent years I have been using Elemental Dignities spreads far more often than anything else - like the Elemental Pentacle. I just find these so much more useful and illuminating (a whole other topic). One of my pet peeves with the CC is that there is very little future-oriented information. So if the question doesn't have anything to do with the past (e.g., what can I learn about the new job I'm starting on Monday?) a lot of it is not that relevant. I designed a different version of the CC which replaces the wheel with EDs, shown as #2 below.

#1 "Standard" but personal CC

1) current situation
2) challenge within the situation
3) subconscious, roots, hidden factors
4) the recent past
5) conscious beliefs and attitudes, what the client thinks they can achieve
6) near future

7) what the client offers or brings to the situation
8) what the environment or other people offer the client
9) advice from the tarot
10) next steps to bring about the best possible outcome

Note, I am typically more "plan-oriented" than "outcome-oriented". That last outcome card has always bothered me as being a bit deterministic or confusing. If required, I could use "most likely outcome if things continue on their current path" as the closest thing I could accept.

#2 ED version of the CC

Same as above, except replaces cards 3-6 with the following:

3) Earth - Stable influences, finances, health, work
4) Water - Emotions, relationships, creativity, fulfillment
5) Air - Thoughts, plans, attitudes, what you need to know
6) Fire - Actions you can take, will, career, identity

This is great for looking at all aspects of a situation that does not really have deep roots in the past, or where you simply want more cards that analyze the present or future details of a question. - Teresa
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