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As I was walking yesterday and contemplating the 3 of Swords, I came upon a Maple tree that was in brilliant Fall colors. I picked up a few of the fallen leaves to admire nature's beauty. Suddenly it struck me how similar in shape, color, and theme these leaves were to the Maat 3 of Swords! (see attached images).

The 3 main veins on the leaf seemed to correspond to the 3 swords penetrating the dove (or heart), and the shape of the leaf itself was quite similar to the wings of the dove on the Maat card. The changing fall colors on the leaf also looked very blood-like.

The leaf was dying, its once vibrant green now transforming into blood red. And soon the leaf will crumble and eventually return to fertilize the earth, where new life can take root, be nourished and grow.

As Julie mentioned in the Maat book: " cannot be destroyed, it can only change form."

So even though change can often be traumatic, it can also be the catalyst for new ideas and growth.
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