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It's a perfectly awful image---and I see it as the death of trust. It is that terrible instant of heartbreak, that first sword through the blessed numbness, when you know the enormity of what you have lost. It's the killing blade.
after this, nothing will ever be the same.
This is both a personal and political card, and I am reading it as such.

I remember on 9/11 and days immediately afterwards, news commentators and talking heads kept saying that nothing would ever be the same. And I think that turned out to be true because that was the first foreign attack on American land since what? 1812? It's been a very long time since we have felt that kind of vulnerable in this country.

That dove was that vulnerable. War makes us vulnerable, love makes us vulnerable, fear makes us vulnerable. And because the major western religions (the swords) each claim to be the one "true" religion, with the one "true" version of the Word and Will of God, we have been battling each other for a couple of millennium now, out of our dogmatic determination to "win". If we win, it proves we're right, Right? By basing our differences in religion, we polerize ourselves and are prey to the knee-jerk reflexive reaction that bypasses any and all thought processes, until it is too late, and suddenly we are at war, one way or the other, once more. Bye bye Dove...

All of these religions have their fanatics, and all the fanatics are dangerous to more well balanced people. The Fanatics believe their version of God wants them to do whatever terrible deed they're contemplating. So they do it, and the innocent die, and any possibility of peace and goodwill and all of that recedes a little further.

Yeah, energy doesn't die, it just changes forms, but thats cold comfort when either your love or your hope for peace has just been brutally slaughtered. I find it very interesting, the way she has combined personal and worldwide heartbreak in one arresting image. God, she's good.
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