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Maat Tarot study group - King of Swords

King of Swords
Week of the Full Moon in Aries (Oct. 6 2006)
Planetary ruler Venus

For image and info, see:

Per the Maat book: "The full moon phase symbolizes generosity and the need to give to others. This phase implies an intuitive and objective understanding of self and others."

"He is the protector of the realm, and willing to sacrifice himself for the health and welfare of the people and the land he loves. He is not the 'aggressor' but the 'defender' meaning he will only use his power to defend and protect."

The first thing I noted is that the King's sword remains in its scabbard, with vines growing over it, showing that it has not been used in many months. This indicates that the King has willingly chosen not to actively use it, yet the swords stands ready.

His right hand is in a fist, cupped and restrained by his left hand. He seems to be waiting patiently but expectantly, poised to take action if needed. His open mouth and gaze gives the impression that he is about to address someone just off stage, as if his time has now come to speak. One of the attributes in other decks is that the King of Swords can be symbolized as the Spokesperson.

This King seems to a man of few words, incorruptible, living as One with the land and his kingdom, with a total commitment to protect and preserve.
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