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Originally Posted by Strange2
The first thing I noted is that the King's sword remains in its scabbard, with vines growing over it, showing that it has not been used in many months.
Yes, the vine is ivy, I think. Ivy has protective functions in folklore: growing around a house, it protects those inside. It's traditional in wedding decor. In pagan lore, the ivy leaf is a symbol of the great goddess. The sword, one might say, is sheathed in ivy.

The king, clothed in green, seems to be a forest king. The deer horns that crown him are more evidence of this idea. Traces of red among the leaves and in the sky remind us that all is not as peaceful as it may look.

A celestial body appears between the deer horns. The image of a deer with the full moon between the horns is a traditional one for moon magic to many pagans. It may also indicate sacrifice--a deer about to be hunted. However, the body seems to me to be the sun, either rising or setting.

As a pagan, there's a lot about this card that reminds me of the Winter Solstice, (rising of the sun, the running of the deer) but the green, apparently deciduous trees seem to say otherwise.
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