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Tarot Cielo by Kat Black

I know, I know.The world probably doesn't need another tarot deck, but I'm doing it anyway.

My new deck will be called Tarot Cielo, which means "Tarot of the Sky", "Tarot of the Air" or "Tarot of the Heavens". I'll let you decide which translation you prefer. The deck will again be collaged predominantly from images of the Italian Renaissance but this time there's a major twist and something quite new for Tarot..... For the time being you'll have to keep guessing though.

From looking at the very draft version of the first card I'm going to show publicly from the deck (the Queen of Wands, my Significator) you'd probably think it's not that different to Golden Tarot - so why bother? But I promise you, it's not like any other deck.... and it may be quite controversial. Mysterious, huh?

I don't have a deal yet, and I'm not looking in the usual places, but I thought my friends here at Aeclectic might like to be first to know.
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