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Hi everyone. I found this thread while I was searching for new spreads. I thought that I would give my vegetable to the soup.

I do a modified CC spread I call the Shield and Sword. The Shield part is 5 cards and outlines the problem thusly.


Q - Laid down and sideways is the Querrant card. I let them pick it and use it in conjunction with the other cards in the entire spread.

1. The root of the problem. Its where the feet meet the earth from behind the shield.

2. What the problem looks like. This represents the eyes looking over the shield. Sometimes problems look bigger or smaller when they are out of perspective.

3. Feminine view of the problem. (Emotional)

4. Masculine view of the problem. (Physical)

Next I look at the Sword which represents the solution.


5. Is the handle of the sword. This card is for how to begin the solution. Such as it might require physical action, or they may need to reflect.

6,7,8. These cards are the hilt of the sword. They are what protect the wielder. They represent what family and friends will be able to do to help.

9. Known factors that can help. Such as work, people, physical things.

10. Hidden factors that can help. Such as insight, compassion, emotional things.

11. The tip of the sword and the final outcome. This is read in conjunction with the entire sword to have full meaning and with the Q card.

I hope I explained it well. Thank you for reading.

B.S. Dog
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