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Originally Posted by greycats
“For me,” writes Cuccia-Watts, “this card represents our connection with the past.”

Indeed the elements themselves, represented by the 4 triangles balanced like a tent upon sword points, combined to preserve this man and, finally, to reveal him. To scientists he is a veritable encyclopedia of information, yet no one knows yet why he was killed, where he was going, who he was. He is the Traveler Beset upon the Road who has waited 5000+ years to tell his story.
This card divided by the 4 swords into triangular color sections reminds me of the effect of a prism, which disperses white light into its spectral colors.

This color effect on the Maat 4 of Swords could represent examining things "in a new light", to gain new insights by looking at the situation from different perspectives. As Julie intended this card to represent connections with the past, the prismatic effect could indicate this reflection on the past, to learn from the past, to explore and reveal the mysteries and histories of those that came before us.
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