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Red associations

Yes, we ordinarily associate red with passion or violence. In any case, it's a color that certainly draws the eye--especially blood-red. I expect we're hardwired to notice that color: that alone is a good reason to use it.

I probably should point out that the birthing chamber in the shine at Catal Huyuk was painted red or the walls were, at least. I believe that the floor was also red, but in addition it was burnished, perhaps by fire.

So, several considerations apparently determined the color scheme for the Maat Death arcana. One was certainly archeological accuracy.

Beyond that, I confess to speculation. That shade of red is very close to the color of blood. Traditionally, folk associated blood with life. Blood contained in a body signifies life and health, but blood outside the body signifies a person in real trouble. And a lot of blood--especially on walls and floors--tells a tale of death.

So paradoxically the color of life can indicate death. And vice-versa, obviously, if Death's color is that of blood.

The theme of this lunar cycle is, according to Julie Cuccia-Watts, immortality. A question to consider: does the use of red rather than black for Death advance her theme?
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