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The Sacred Grove

October 19, 2006

First I am playing the bodhrán in the mountain air. It is dark and damp, and a full moon has risen above the crags. Then the scene switches to a warm summer's day, and I am playing the riqq in the midst of a grassy field, mingled with buttercups and daisies. Then a voice says, "You have forgotten what is hidden". The scene switches to a deep wood, a sacred grove of seven trees. There is a blue light from above, a fresh spring scent, and deep green moss below. At the foot of each tree there is a frame drum, each one a different sort. There is perfect peace. The dream ends.

This was my only significant dream over the past week, and as my weekly Spirit Guide Tarot draw suggested this was a fallow time during which I could begin to integrate all that I learned in a month of intense dreaming. Also, this gave my last previous dream, of Sophie and I journeying to the bell tower, more impact by not being immediately overshadowed by another "big dream". There have been some subtle indications of a new radicalism in my work within the church, of allowing Sophie to "show herself", so to speak. Perhaps this was most obvious in my offering to do a Reiki treatment during the social time after yesterday's Sunday service, and then doing so in the church itself.

In last Thursday's simple but very visual dream of balance, the bodhrán is seen as both lunar and grounding, the perfect instrument for a wild Capricorn goat. The riqq evokes solar Egyptian energy: appearing light, buoyant and happy, but fundamentally just as powerful. But between the two, in the hidden or esoteric realm, we see their effect on the Solar Plexus, the Chariot symbolized in the seven sacred trees. Here the two energy spectra are integrated in a place of perfect power and peace.

Perhaps eventually I will have a frame drum for each of those trees, and with last week's arrival of The Healing Drum Kit adding to the riqq and bodhrán, I have three already. But I do not see this scene as encouraging me to run out and buy more frame drums, although I can easily think of three more that I would like. However this is likely a true statement of what exists outside of linear time.

So the imagery of the Solar Plexus has progressed in a short time from an empty shell to an underground cavern of half-buried trees, to an open sacred grove in the deep forest. This latest image also recalls Heartland Forest, showing a direct relationship between the two energy centres: a healthy Solar Plexus supporting and energizing the Heart, and the Heart nurturing and guiding the Solar Plexus.

This sacred grove is permeated by the blue light from the upper Chakras, Sophie's familiar yet never fully defined imagery of "the Moon exalted in the Sun". I feel well blessed to live the life that now I lead.

Hmm, in looking for a reference to "the Moon exalted in the Sun" I just came across an extremely significant and moving entry from the same calendar night in October as this dream, exactly two years previous. This is part of my life-changing meditational cycle on the Major Arcana during that period, and I will quote only the opening portion of the entranced journey associated with the Tarot Moon.

Note in particular the echoes of the "stone bridge" meditation that was one of the tools by which we initiated this Study Group (including its meadow, sacred grove and hill), the field of daisies also similar to the current dream, Sophie's very vivid foreshadowing of the succeeding year's journey together into unitive consciousness ("We have touched the divine, but even in our human nature we have expanded..."), several echoes of the recent dream cycle (including the parallel with the previous week's climb to the Bell Tower of the Sky God), and Sophie's prophetic words, "you must make this journey by yourself..."
October 18, 2004 - Meditation #18: The Moon. Music: Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Violin Concerto in D Major, Opus 35 (Itzhak Perlman, Philadelphia Orchestra, Eugene Ormandy). Incense: Night Queen.

It is a beautiful dark night, full of stars, the full moon large between the bare tree branches. I make my way across a placid stream, over a stone arched bridge. I am in a meadow, the night is fresh, warm and inviting. As I walk through the grass, I feel that touch of childhood excitement of being out alone, late under the stars. And there is Sophie, sitting in a hollow of grass, and as I approach I see that wonderful, strange blue glow on the skin again. She is weaving daisies into a chain, and says, "One moment, Beloved, I'm almost done."

"I can wait forever here."

I kneel down beside her, and as she adds the last of the flowers she says, "Do you remember when you used to make chains of daisies?"

"Yes, until I learned that little boys don't do that."

"Maybe you can learn again. I think your Beloved above [Lynn] would enjoy them." And she places a large chain about my neck and gives me a simple kiss. We help each other up, and I notice how young she looks, wearing a simple short black dress, with bare legs and arms, her hair straight and black, simple like a child.

"Sophie, you look so fresh and young tonight."

"Tonight we meet the Goddess. As you are taught to come to your heavenly Father like a child, it is best to come to the Goddess in the same way."

"But Sophie, before we go, please wait a moment." I hold her hands in each of mine, and look into her eyes. "Why do you glow so blue like this?"

"I am exalted in the Sun."

"But what does that mean?"

"I think it means that we have united in a very deep part of the soul, that our union extends to the core of the self. That our union is greatly more than what we each are, the masculine and feminine of your soul. We have touched the divine, but even in our human nature we have expanded. I can't really explain it to you, can I?"

"I know these things don't fit well in words. But what does the blue glow mean?"

"I can't tell you. Its not that I don't want to tell you. When I try to reach down to grasp the meaning for you, it has no substance that I can bring up for you. Perhaps it is something that we will discover together. But please, the Goddess is waiting."

"Then let's meet her now." Hand in hand we climb up the meadow to a low hill. As we are climbing, I am still surprised at how young Sophie seems tonight. From the ridge of the hill we can see the moon more clearly, with no trees to block her.

Following Sophie's lead, I sit down on the grass and look towards the moon. "David, you are going to meet the Goddess Moon in a new way. Please try not to be afraid. I am here beside you, but you must make this journey by yourself. It will be difficult for you, but try to keep your balance and she will give you great mysteries. Now relax and look upon the moon, you are safe with me"...
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