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OK so – do people still want the cards/parts of the cards scanned ??


Huson on the suits (these are conjectures, not stated as fact ! He is very careful about that.):

Arifi of Herat (15th century Sufi) wrote a book called The Ball and the Polo Stick, and used the game of polo for his mystical teachings. The Rubaiyat is also full of references to it and to the other suit signs.

Idries Shah (a Sufi writer of today) has also claimed that the tarot has Sufi roots. But he does not explain or back this up.

There are 4 Cardinal Virtues. The symbols most associated with them are those of the four suit signs of tarocchi.


The 4 castes of ancient Persia were:
1 – Magi – Húristár
2 - Kings and warriors – Núristár
3 – Farmers and cultivators – Súristár
4 - people destined for employment and service – Rúzistár

These compare rather well with the 4 castes of Hinduism.

Magi have carved rods for symbols; warriors swords; farmers and cultivators (who improve things) cups, and employees coins. This would tie in with the four virtues in which the young kings of Persia had to be schooled, and could also be the origin of the Cardinal Virtues.

Rods became polo sticks when the symbols were used in a game, because they were more familiar – and the same happened in reverse when the game came to Europe, where polo was little known.

This also ties into the hierarchical classes of Ménestriers – hearts for the church, pikes (spades) for arms bearing aristocrats, diamonds (paving tiles) for merchants and clubs (trefoils) for the peasantry.

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