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Originally Posted by juliecucciawatts
After reading the previous post my post seems rather lame. Tarot readers
are so smart, observant and curious. When I paint, I paint in terms of balance and color and what looks right to me. When people analyse the images later I am often taken by what they assume I intended to convey. So please don't stop yourselves from saying something if should show up here from time to time. So much of what I have painted in this deck and others comes intuitively and I let the paint do what it wants while I work. The questions and statements given here in this forum are as interesting and informative to me as anyone. Getting a new take on the images helps me to grow as well and it will help me to teach others about the cards. One thing about doing a deck, when you think you are done creating it you are not we always seem to be at the beginning.
Hi, Julie--
The study group is delighted to hear from you. An artist's comments on her own work cannot but help us appreciate it all the more--even though your hands do speak so eloquently.

And if I'm writing for the group, I won't be the least inhibited by your presence. What I usually try to do is to suggest avenues of interpretive approach by describing what I see to be important features in the arcana under study. I try to refrain from extensive interpretation myself. (But, yes, sometimes I lose control. Too much temptation! )

In this arcana, however, I went full bore into minute description (and still didn't cover everything on the card), because it's such a wonderful one for readers. It has all the familiar features of the RWS version, but each of these has been opened up, so to speak. A whole range of new interpretations are there to explore, and I wanted to point this out. I didn't want people to say, "OK, journey by water. Got it," and then stop thinking about the card.

Originally Posted by juliecucciawatts
The following is from my weekly email alerts to subscribers who like to get updates when the moon of the week as it changes signs.
We'd love to get it, too, while we're studying the Maat. Is there a fee for subscription? If the information is in the Maat book, I usually won't quote very much of it since I assume that everyone who has the deck also has the book. But some of the information in your email alert seems to be new, or at least summarized. Both non-pagans and persons new to lunar astrology might find it helpful.

Oh, about Pluto: I should have put a "smiley" after the question which was something of a joke. The scientific community has downgraded Pluto's status. It's no longer fully a planet. I don't expect the astrology will change soon if it changes at all. But I thought someone might like to comment.
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