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Originally Posted by greycats
And if I'm writing for the group, I won't be the least inhibited by your presence. What I usually try to do is to suggest avenues of interpretive approach by describing what I see to be important features in the arcana under study. I try to refrain from extensive interpretation myself. (But, yes, sometimes I lose control. Too much temptation! )
Greycats please don't control yourself, it is such a pleasure to read your posts
Julie thanks for popping in too.

I was just looking at the sky in this card: it is either sunset or sunrise.
I like the thought of sunrise, as it would symbolize the new beginning the woman is travelling towards.
She must have started her journey very early to get this far at sunrise; both she and the kid look very tired. They just have to rely on the skipper, although it looks like she is keeping a close eye on him. Or maybe she is thinkin she is lucky to have found him.
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