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Hi Huredriel,

You've done a lot of research here! So many different aspects can definitely be applied to the snake. I'd love to look at what you've written piece by piece but at the moment I haven't the time.

The snake in regard to Adam and Eve.....represented freedom and changes from restricted growth.....of transforming ourselves in order to experience ourselves.

The snake could well be an unexpected interruption where we leave behind the land of our birth (the womb) where we prepare ourselves to go forth and create something of ourselves.

On a positive note, Snake tells us that many of our restrictions can be eliminated or avoided by analyzing an apparent problem and changing your reaction to it. Changing one's point of view says Snake can seem like hard work.....but this work simply means to recognize our own stubbornness, open our minds, and accept the fact that other ways of 'doing' do exist. Many of your limitations says Snake are the direct result of your own inflexible beliefs and attitudes.

Snake's are forever changing, altering, fixing.....definitely a considerable amount of activity is seen here. Snake represents the labrynth (sinuous curves) of tradedy and of blessings.....and all this created by the mere act of experiencing and expressing who and what we are.

When we gaze into the snake's stare, it's as if we become hypnotized, we forget our fears and our doubts that have locked out our thoughts and feelings.......thoughts and feelings that have been locked up for such a long time we forget they were there!

I will have to share my thoughts with you later.......ssssssssssssays the snake.

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