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Originally Posted by huredriel
Also our external bodies . Shedding what is no longer needed . I see a link here to the human's spiritual changes and the snake because very often when we go through *change* that will manifest physically .. Be it skin break-outs, eczema, psoriasis .. And we also shed a percentage of our skin daily.
eczema and psoriasis are 1st chakra issues......what I know of these ailments, they do not represent change, but just the opposite. Most often then not, people with psoriasis are under a great deal of stress. In many cases, it is the third chakra (solar plexus, emotional factors) that affects our base chakra and could manifest out as a skin dis-ease.

Snakes can be dangerous
Is this what we believe or what we have been told? When I was growing up, our house backed onto a large field.....I used to catch snakes and bring them home.

[quote]Also, kundalini energy .. The universal life force .. As it coils and moves around our physical bodies and energy fields [/quote

and...the blood rushes to head, fire fills our brain!

This is a fascinating site on the 'secret fire'

Saint-Germain and the Most Holy Three-Fold Wisdom
The idea of Secret Fire in initiatic psycho-alchemical texts such as The Most Holy Trinsophia (Three Fold Wisdom)[7] illustrate the point of hidden fire, associated with volcanic power, and under the influence of Venus. Works such as this bear a strong resemblance to alchemical-kabbalistic texts, and either use mystical symbolism of these esoteric schools, or such symbols are used to interpret the texts meaning.

In the text, Saint-Germian reportedly recounts the details of his initiation through the twelve degrees of Cosmic Consciousness. The use of earthly fire in the form of volcanic eruptions, lava, and seas of flame symbolize the presence of an underlying matrix of living energy that pervades material and non-material creation, uniting and constantly renewing it through what can be seen as violent activity.

La Tres Sainte Trinsophie is comprised of twelve sections, each with its own illustration. The most obvious alignment that can be seen, is between the twelve sections, the zodiac, and the stages of alchemy. It can also be suggested, for our considerations, the seven major and five minor psychic centers.

The story begins with Saint-Germain on the lava beds of Vesuvius, later he passes an alter on which is a cup, with a winger serpent intertwined around it twelve times. Saint-Germain then enters into a vast realm of fire, in the midst of which is a greenish-gold serpent with ruby eyes which he must dominate with a sword, the symbol of an enlightened will. With this act, anger, hate, and pride are cast out of his consciousness, and the senses are brought under direction.

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