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Originally Posted by jmd
In terms of evidence, however, I have absolutely none - other than to re-iterate the words of the C. de M.; mentioning that he, as others, were masons interested in a variety of symbolic exegesis that at least since the publication of Le Monde Primitif included Tarot; and that Levi's Masonic crossweavings were likewise going to reflect this interest and this more 'recent' inclusion.
How does this work here?


Exegesis (wikipedia)

The word exegesis can mean explanation, but as a technical term it means "to draw the meaning out of" a given text. Exegesis may be contrasted with eisegesis, which means to read one's own interpretation into a given text. In general, exegesis presumes an attempt to view the text objectively, while eisegesis implies more subjectivity. The plural of the word exegesis is exegeses.

Exegesis involves an extensive and critical interpretation of a text, especially of a holy scripture, such as of the Old and New Testaments of the Bible, the Talmud, the Midrash, the Qur'an, etc.

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