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'Lo all,

Just spent a happy hour bopping around on Kat's site(s), and was enthralled with the Golden Tarot.

When the deck comes out I fear I must break the rule about buying collector Tarot decks (the rule is simple: don't) and buy this one, if for no other reason than the joy of holding the deck in my hands and looking at the cards.

Its not like there's a lot of room in my apartment, or life, for stuff like this. Books keep coming in -- if I didn't let 'em in I think they'd break down the door. That large flat space some people call a floor often serves as a filing cabinet. My motto: travel light, get rid of stuff. It is not what you have, but what you can do without that is important.

And then, the wonderful Golden Tarot. Sigh. What's the one about the exception proving the rule?

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