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8 Santeria------Shango

Shango is the god of thunder and lightning. He carries a double-sided axe as the symbol of the caprice and creative experience of human sexuality. Shango's power is compared to the libidinal drive which may prove dangerous to the possibilities of a creative sexual relationship.

He's one of the ancestors of the Yoruba people of Nigeria.

He's the son of Yamaya.

Shango has three wives. Oya, who stole his secrets of magic. Oschun, the river goddess who is his favorite because of her culinary skills. And Oba, who tried to win his love by giving him her ear to eat. This angered him and he sent her away to become the river Oba, which is very turbulent where it meets the river Oschun.

His symbolic animal is the ram. His favorite colors are red and white. He sometimes has three heads and six eyes.

I don't have the book, as I've said before, so I'm researching online.
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