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Originally Posted by annik
The burial sheet is of a beautiful color. It is crimson red. It makes me think of the Red Death in the Phantom of the Opera (where Erik the Phantom is dressed up and making quite an impression wherever he goes in the Opera's celebration).
You share an impression with the clerics of the time. There were always sermons about how one shouldn't wear rich clothing.

And your reference to the Phantom of the Opera makes a lot of sense. He was another mysterious mask wearer who was glorious in a dark sort of way.

Originally Posted by annik
The swords seems to affect the air. There is some kind of smoke that take a tourbillon form. The man seems to have a aura surrounding him. Is he a spirit? It was my first impresion of him.
The swords certainly refer to ones spiritual life. If you look at the sword that is second from the top, you can see that it is the same color as the aura around the man's head.

I don't think he is a spirit, exactly, though that color makes him look ghostly--or ghastly. (Of course, you could read the card that way if you wanted to.)

Rather, I think he is a man whose spiritual state is supposed to give us something to think about. Do we really want to spend our time impressing people with our fine clothes? Are we pretending to know more than we really do? Are we hiding real spiritual progress because we think people may make fun of us?

Of course, that skull reminds us that we don't have all the time in the world, either.
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