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Talking Finally...

I have seen these threads coming through and always wondered about how to go about seeing what they are about.

As I am studying astrology, in a book hubby found for me, I came acrossed Sabian Symbols and BOOM! I am on here bookmarking and finding more info to put in our astrology charts as I study them. What a gold mine, I feel fithly rich again!

Now to set about the task of putting each def, of each Symbol into one document for offline reference. The things I set my mind to, I swear!

Also, to think I can, not only, use them in the charts I am doing/studying, I can also use them in my Oracle readings! WOW! I love anything that helps me focus on something that helps me see/feel MORE! {I need many paths to execute my intuition! }

Thanks, Elven. Leave it to you to jump start the curiosity and cause a hunger to overcome one!

Oh, I had thought we had to go through an elaborate math execution to come up with our Sabian symbol, after reading what you posted, I just round up, instead! THANK YOU! Math isn't a friend of my poor ole brain!

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