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Originally Posted by greycats
So, what were your impressions when you first looked at Maat's 8 of Swords?

Might the pagan notion of “ as above, so below” have any application to this arcana?
My first impression of this card invoke thoughts like 'blindly exposed'.

We know the 8 represents the solid base, but it appears to represent a base build on the intellect of surpression, misconception and false fear.

Sometimes we find ourselves restrained by our environment, which invokes rebellion. Other times, outside influences are imposed and sometimes imposed aggressively. Even when rebellion takes place, the bigger, stonger force prevails in the intellectual and physical realm because they have the resources (i.e. plenty of swords).

The presence of the flag envokes thoughts of politics and current policy, and makes it difficult to ignore the political congitation of this card. So...

The bloody swords, stabbing the flag, could represent the attack imposed on a belief system...and the woman (goddess, feminine, mother) sits exposed to it, but tries to turn a blind eye by hiding behind the blue...she is horrified to watch it unfold, but has no power to stop it...

So yes, 'as above, so below' or even 'do unto other as you would have them do unto you'.

To really put this card in perspective, Greycat really hit on's about survival..and and really speaks to me about taking caution when 'exposing or imposing' ones own truth on others without taking the blinders off ones own eyes first to ensure you fully understand the impact which may unfold.

This card really invokes emotion in me and takes me all over the map so to speak when it comes to interpretation...a powerful and challenging card.

Good studying..G.

Originally Posted by
In a Reading: This card represents a person who is brain washed, unable to see his or her own circumstance for what it is, as well as a disconnection from the intuitive self there is also a sense of danger where no danger exists. Self policing

Traditional tarot meaning: imprisonment, a feeling of being trapped whether this real or imagined, a person held back by their culture.
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