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Originally Posted by annik
I noticed that the part of the flag over her head had a star at the level of her face. I wonder if it echo the star of the sky..
I believe the star on the flag does indeed echo the stars in the sky--especially, perhaps, the bright star that's behind the woman and to her left. There's a couple of ways to interpret that echo.

1) You could say that the star in the sky is part of Nature and the star on the flag is artificial. Then she would need to see the star in the sky in order to know what to do because heavenly stars guide lost people. But she cannot see it because she has covered her face with the flag's artificial star which will not guide her.

2) Or you could say that the star on the flag represents people nearby and the star in the sky represents something very far away that does not care and cannot help. Then, by looking at the flag star, she is looking for help from people because the star on the flag represents a state in the U.S. whose Constitution begins "We, the people." So, instead of looking at a star very far away in the sky, she looks to people close by her to help her or to show her what to do.

Originally Posted by annik
Of course, she really is in a difficult position. She thread literaly on swords. I think the two angled swords are the most dangerous, being the closest to her.
Yes, I agree. What do you make of those swords, the angled ones? Were those two swords aiming for her, do you think? Really trying to get her instead of just being on the scene like the other six?

Or is it that threats with "angles" are more dangerous than threats that are straightforward?

It's an interesting detail. Thank you for mentioning it.
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