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Looking at the details of the Full Moon in Gemini cycle(Strength)

Now that we have looked at Strength and have gotten the idea behind the symbolism of Strength. Namely the relationship between the man and the lion, specifically that they are brother and sister, twins, she holds the light of the "sun" within her body and he takes that light from her and places it back in the sky. The twin phenomenon observed by ancient and modern astronomers in the behavior of stars(planets) as they pass behind the sun disappearing and reappearing in the sky.That symbolically this card speaks not just of the relationship between physical strength(typically male) and emotional strength(typically female) but of mental strength(something they have due to their reliance on each other). Strength is the ability to endure the darker times in life because of a sense of what will come next, that there will be healing, that light will be restored. Strength is also the ability to move that which is beyond human ablility to the strength is would take to get the waning sun to return at winter solstice...

Now for the details found in the minor cards-

New Moon in Sagittarius-on reality, self policing and prisons of the mind
8 of Swords
This card seems to express how we zap our own strength out of fear of the unknown. Opportunity we pass up because we don't feel ready or safe enough to accept it. Knowledge or wisdom we don't see because we have been blinded by cultural bias or because we haven't got the tools to see a greater perspective. Think about your own world view/cultural bias how does this color your perceptions of the world around you? Trying to look at a situation from another point of view. How have you been unable to see a situation for what it was due to cultural beliefs which may even be false? Do we cling to some cherished misconception because we are have invested so much time in them?. How have you gained new perspective by seeing what really is there vs. what you have been told is there. How much of trusting others stems from trusting ourselves first? This card suggests endings and new beginnings of strength.
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First Quarter in Pisces-Prophetic dreams, spirit contact and thngs that go bump in the night.
9 of Swords
This card represents the creative power of the waxing moon as it visits the realms the deepest subconscious. The dark month before the winter solstice is the month when we tap into the collective unconscious. Our days are filled with memories of holidays gone by...cultural traditions as well as old family traditions and the memories of loved ones who have passed away fill our minds. We prepare gatherings to celebrate life and the power and mercy of the mysteries of the universe. The power of the sun(conscious)continues to wane until the winter solstice all the while the moon's light (subconscious) remains the same and as the nights grow longer sleeping and dreaming become paramount. Become aware of your dreams if you keep a dream diary this will help you to record your dreams. Take note of long lost relations that pop into your head as well as your dreams as you prepare for the celebrations ahead. Listen for the wisdom of familiar voices as you continue the traditions they began... they are all gathered around you... the ones you know who have passed and the ones who you will know who are coming into being ...Contact with the the spirits that visit us at night in our dreams is the strength of love that is so strong that it can not be separated by death but will remain connected like the symbol of the two fish of Pisces, love is the string that ties the world of the living and the world of the dead..
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Full-The Full moon in Gemini-Stories of the dark queens of myth and legend, the widows, the whores, and the mysteries only she can reveal.
Queen of Swords
Imagine for a moment how the ancient people must have felt each year as the days became shorter. As the great sun stood still in the sky and in northern latitudes disappeared completely. Think about how dark it must have been when the world only had fire to light up the night. What was the world like before we had the knowledge of a heliocentric solar system and an understanding that the world was in fact round and not flat. How important would the light of this full moon have been? How comforting? What lessons of trust did it teach? The lessons of filling up and emptying out, the lessons of cycles. Imagine the comfort of the hearth of the ancient mothers and grandmothers who kept these fires. These powerful women who bled but did not die, whose bellies swelled like the moon herself and from these woman human beings sprang... both male and female. These woman were the great mothers who had and raised their children in ancient times, primitive times who comforted their tears through cold and hungry days and nights, women who where strong enough to survived and because they survived we exist. These women coupled with men some who stuck around and some who didn't, many times in the ancient past women would have raised their children alone within their own clans as the fathers of these children may have been long gone before their children were even born. Yet these strong women endured and it is because of their strength culture was created. It is the spirits of these ancient mothers who hold the secrets of civilization lost to us. They knew the ancient fathers and the stories and their secrets.

Last Quarter in Virgo-Darkness before the dawn, stories of historical betrayals.
10 of Swords
When someone finds him or herself in the position of the betrayed and heartbroken backstabbed by friends. Do a self-check to see if your dreams and aspirations have been expanding beyond your personal jurisdiction? Are you trying to control too much? Is there some outmoded habit or behavior that does not serve your life and is now just leaking energy from you and those you love? Have you crippled yourself and others by not being able to adjust to change? Have you expected others to do your bidding and been disappointed by their rebellion?éThe Roman Empire had begun as a few family farms that had prospered through cooperation. However by the time of its collapse The Roman Empire had turned into an oppressive imperial state with more slaves than citizens. Where can you find this modeled in your own life?

This is where I am coming from on Strength however all other interpretations, opinions and insights are needed and equally valid. This is just the framework or starting point. For MAAT Tarot to be alive and growing other points of view are necessary! Please add what you see.
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