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9 of Pentacles

I couldn't find a thread for this card so I thought I'd start one.

I was just wondering what others thought of this card as I see it as a Fey either about to get a prize and waiting to go on stage or a Fey at a party and being approached by someone she admires.

I'm not entirely sure why she has a parrot on her head but the surroundings suggest opulence. Her hair looks expensively cut as do her clothes and she is wearing gold jewelery. She leans forward as though she is greatly anticipating whoever is approaching. Her hands are clenched as though she is nervous or excited.

The huge medallion behind her reminds me again of some kind of award and also, of course, her wealthy status. There are six grapes in the cluster (I assume they're grapes) with the stalk similar to the one the Seer wears on her neck but hers is blue and the Nine's is green.

I assume her parrot has something to do with taming a part of herslf but am not sure of Fey symbolism.

I would be interested to here other's thoughts on this
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