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MAAT Study Group Queen of Swords

MAAT Tarot card of the Week- Full Moon in Gemini
Monday December 4th, 2006
The Queen of Swords

Planetary ruler Jupiter

The Queen of Swords represents the light in the darkest of times, as the sunlight in the northern hemisphere continues to wane we experience the darkest longest nights of the season. Yet the full moon's light remains with its brilliant light unchanged.
This moon is symbolic of the archetypical widow/ or sister of the historical/mythical male hero archetype. They are forever linked as a duo long after his death. There is usually some mystery to which only she knows the truth. Some classic Queen of Sword female archetypes, Mary Magdalen, Cleopatra. Morgana Le Fey, Hatchepsut, in modern times Jackie O. They all know the 'truth' yet the 'stories' spun about them and reported to the mainstream population lacks 'something' we all 'know' there is more to their stories yet we are not privilege to this information.
Just as we know woman's role historically has been down played simply because She was way too busy or tired to record her own story. Her work is often passed off as the work of Santa Claus, the Easter bunny or the tooth fairy, often goes without notice unless it is left undone. However the minute we grow up we learn the 'truth' behind the 'magic'. She is the archetypical mother of heresy(her-say) with little influence in classical history(his-story). The established male power systems of the past developed safeguards to ensure her power would be kept in check.
Her spark of knowledge still lies dormant within the collective unconscious it is during the darkest quietest nights of winter that it is easy to see her ancient truth shining through.

For deeper understanding of the Gemini moon check out the meanings of the other Gemini moon phase cards:

New-8 of Cups (occurring between May 21 - Jun 20)
with emotional lessons learned it is time to move on, a journey. The eight of cups can represent the short-lived romance this is the short but sweet relationship that teaches something and then after the lesson is learned the beloved moves on. The eight cups also seems to suggest an understanding of the cycle or journey of the sun with a cup for each one of the eight cross-quarter days we see that the sun like the moon has a cycle of waxing and waning light.

First Quarter- 3 of Wands (occurring between Feb.19-March 20)
Shows one type of tool we can use in order to convey a message or idea to others, the use of scale models is one way to help others to understand your ideas. Learning something new can enlighten us and raise our consciousness causing us to turn away from the past with hope for the future This card represents the understanding of complex systems by the use of scale models. Technology used in the process of teaching.

Last Quarter in Gemini- 2 of Coins ( occurring between Aug 23-Sept 22)
The 2 of Coins represents the blending of the two worlds, the world of the physical and the world of the spiritual. This card represents the ability to understand the physical and spiritual worlds and the ability to live with both worlds simultaneously. Once you become one with the two worlds you can never go back and live as if there is just one world. The two worlds coexist much like the to lobes of the analemma.** Our contact with the spiritual realm is only as clear as our ability to understand 'their' symbolic language or understand how the other world communicates with us. Our cultural fears of 'evil' and the pressure of a prevailing cultural bias's that a world just as real as the physical world does not exist only limit us.
**The analemma (seen in the 2 of Coins, Strength and The Magician) can be captured with the help of time-lapse photography. If you take a picture of the sun from the same spot at the same time of day the analemma(figure eight of suns) is formed. The figure eight is also the symbol known as infinity. Interestingly enough the crossing over point that forms the top loop shape of the figure eight occurs around August 30th every year. The analemma in the 2 of Coins card floats an image of the ancient Egyptian Ra in his sun boat symbolizing the sun's journey.
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