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Originally Posted by dadsnook2000
The throne suggests a special family. It doesn't seem to be hers, as such, yet she feels comfortable sitting there. The book indicates a "lineage" issue. The throne symbolizes what she has been part of or close to in the past and which is still present for her -- comfort and position.
Yes the chair has a crown but is dissimilar to the crown on the Emperor's chair for example and there dont' seem to be any other members of her 'family' in the rest of the deck.

She does look like a lady of high breeding from the way her legs and hands are positioned. It could be a coming out party for her, where members of the aristocracy and upper classes held parties and balls for their daughters to introduce them into society. She could also be marrying into a family of name.

Did you note the two rings around her waist? I don't think this is to reduce the waist and enhance the bust line -- it would seem to represent a form of self-control, of discipline by not being over-indulgent, a worthy attribute of those with careful upbringing and an observation that is in-line with the throne and her lineage.
Yes, i noticed that the rings around the curtain were also similar and they are used to 'hold back' the curtain as she has has to hold back in certain areas to achieve what she has. If she is on the verge of success whether social or otherwise, she would have had to have reigned herself in and worked in a very focused goal orientated way to have come this far.

This necessarily follows the hard work and dedication of the painter in the eight and here we see the result of all that hard work - acclaim and recognition both materially and socially.

Birds are social creatures. The brightly colored ones are prized as pet and as mates. Sitting above her, this suggests to me an aura of social grace and of acceptance, a place in the world, an ability to attract and influence others.
Very interesting point.

She is upon the brink of social recognition, perhaps marriage, but certainly to be "confirmed" in some way, to be placed within a comfort zone. In this sense, this card is much like the Waite-Smith card except that there "comfort" is an established circumstance. Here, in the Fey Tarot, this Nine of Pentacles is achieving, is advancing, is being honored and enriched within moments, within a short time. There is movement here from one condition to another, her trip/growth is not yet complete but she is most clearly getting there, progressing and acquiring. She is on the verge of this. Perhaps a different sense of what the nine's are about, certainly a more dynamic sense and condition then static comfort.
Like I said above, I see this card as her about to accept a prize or be rewarded in some way. If she is an artist (who transcend class) she maybe at her opening exhibition or an award ceremony having achieved first prize. We are seeing the benefit of that total dedication and focus. She could be a writer waiting in the wings of the Booker prize or an artist about to receive the Turner prize.

Thanks for your thoughts, very observant and interesting
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