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more from the 10 of Swords

The image in this picture is supposed to be Julius Caesar. Historically he is the one who was murdered by his fellow senators. I looked for images of the real senate of Rome online and was led to a reconstructed Roman senate I was surprised by the tall ceilings and high metal windows allowing light to enter the building but too high for anyone to look in or look out. This one was a hard picture I wanted to create the crime scene(thank you CSI) but yet I wanted to give the idea that the spirit of the man lived on...the statue, with his family and I wanted the sunlight reflecting on the back wall to look like his spirit hovering just above his body.

Again this is all the symbolism of betrayal the knives remain long after the perpetrators have left the scene. Still both the victim and the perpetrators have brought each other to this point, both are responsible for their part in creating this scene.

This is the time of the year when both the sun and the moon are waning the darkest moments getting darker, the new moon is darker still but at least the new moon is at the point of the light returning much like the Winter Solstice/Devil and prince of Wands at this point a change for increasing light is in progress. The 10 is still losing light.

hey Ferol! I am glad you got to see the 4 of Cups in person.:-) Here's hoping you get to see more. As I don't feel too compelled to paint more when my house is busting at the seams with paintings at the moment.;-)
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