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Meaning behind the Mysteries

Lee, it sure would be nice to have a companion book to Gay Tarot. We should start a campaign to get Llewellyn to consider it.

You have done a remarkable job being connected to all of us fans here on the message boards. Your responses have given me a better understanding of the deck which I wish was available beyond our virtual home here.

As creator of the Brotherhood Tarot, I have just finished its Companion Book and will be excited to see how people resond to the Gay History and mythology that I've included in the cards along with a deeper understanding of its meaning & my own path to creating the deck.

A special thank you goes out to you, Lee, for getting me in touch with Llewellyn to include your Lover's card in my book side by side with The Cosmic Tribe Tarot, Son Tarot, and Gay Male Tarot.

If you need another voice to get a Gay Tarot Companion accomplished, count me in!

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