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Winter Solstice Spread

I posted this spread a few years ago, but thought I'd revive it for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere who will soon experience the Winter Solstice.

Bodhran's/BodhiSeed's Winter Solstice Spread:

1~~The Sun~~4

1. The Winter Solstice is the longest night of the year. Sometimes our lives feel so "dark" we forget to look up and see the stars (blessings) in our life. What do I need to be grateful for that I've taken for granted?

2. "Solstice" comes from the Latin "sol" and "sistere" which roughly translates to "sun stands still." If our ancestors stood still, and failed to prepare for the hardest part of winter yet to come, they would die. What do I need to take action on? What plans or preparations do I need to make?

3. Winter, like the other seasons, occurs because of the tilt of the earth. In what direction is my intuition "tilting" or leading me in a situation where a decision needs to be made?

4. After the Winter Solstice, the nights become shorter and the days become longer. What is growing stronger (perhaps something I had given up on) in my life?

***NOTE***You can use an orange stone, a sphere, etc. in the center of the spread so you don't have to take out the Sun card if you prefer.

For those in the Southern Hemisphere, please refer to this thread for a Summer Solstice spread:

Happy Holidays to all you ATers!
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