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Kaz and Jewel

I hear you both - and cutting out "me" from the cards I can see that - I might even have read it my self.

But I have and am still too close to see any good in this - I know regeneration is gonna take " forever" and I think my 2Pent is foremost telling me not to give up - it is a struggle keeping balance when everything seems like dead end. And I am hangin in there, so things are gonna be alright in time.

Just think Waite could have showed me some different cards to tell me this hence "he" knows how I read my cards if feeling down !!!

Thanks for your inputs both I really appreciate it

I should do this in say a month or so again - so we can see if the cards and I have made anything new out this. See what happend to 7 pent.

what do you think ?
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