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Tower - 8 Pent and High priestess

the Tower to me represents something that have to be tared apart, a fog that has to be removed and a new path to be found. Also finding out what the foundation is all about.

So reading only the tower you actually got your whole 3 card reading in on.

This is concerning your weightloss - and new way of life, habbits, diets and so was in great need of change.
Any change we experience wether it is caused deliberately or forced upon us effects us somewhat chaotic.
Until we have removed the fog and viewed the foundation of life and living thoroughly.
Even having to walk the new path and sticking to it, not falling back in old habbits can be a chaotic time.
Once dealt with chaos- you have the foundation and is now ready for building a new tower. The morality in the tower card is:
Only take with you what really is, leave illusions and lies behind, they are no longer useful.

take 8 of pent, this is the "student" card. It is hard work, and contains alot of boring "mono" moments and habbits - rituals if you will - that just has to be done if you wanna finish what you startet.
Also Pent telling about health issues, this goes well with your topic of wightloss.
Loosing weight and building new patterns is just like student who wanna get that degree - hard work, planning, sticking to it and believe that you can do it.

High Priestess - and also your souldcard.
This is one of the things you need to do for your self in order to reach that life style you want hence what we wrote or I first wrote about your personality.
You will in time reach your soul, and feel completet. The highpriestess knows the answers to everything in all time and all space - once you have finished this task and learned how to live with it and keeping it steady - you too wil have gained the knowlegde on how to reach your soul.

Thatīs what I thourght about visualizing the cards in my head

I still view you as someone with a very strong, mysterious and loving personality - even if you are a redhead - I somehow think you are even closer to your goal than you realize.
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