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my thourght on your cards from the top of my head:

Strenght reversed
Emperor reversed
Knight of Swords

I tend to view the strenght card here when reversed as the maiden trying to lure the lion. She pretends to love it but really is only trying to gain its confidence so she can kill it. I see this card as manipulation - taming natural nature.

If inner strength is turned upside down you would get outer strength. Viewing the card it is the lion who have that power. The maiden is using foul play here to get the lion to do what itīs not its nature to do - surrender - if any it would kill her for tresspassing his teritory.
Viewing the story in strenght it is telling that you have been your way, your natural way allways. It is in your nature to be that person.
Now you feel that you are being manipulatet into change, giving you a hard time to figure out why you should change, since this is not causing you any troubles with in, you donīt see the point. The Lion is being changed for the pleasure of the maiden, so maybe you should ask your self, why this has become an issue for you.

Emperor reversed - viewing the strenght card the emperor is being taken out of his control boot. heīs no longer seen as the emperor, and the ppl who used to follow him and follow his commands no longer sees it fit to do so. This could lead the emperor to behave like the child instead of the strong and confident emperor. When the emperor steps down from his throne - the born leader he is - you have taken him out of his natural invironment - he will most likely end up as a street bum cause an authority usually wont submit other authorities easily. Then again he might stand up and fight for his throne, demanding his natural rights being given back to him. Depends on how he handle it.

Knight of Swords is a man of priciples, he will fight to death for what he believes in.

Viewing the 3 cards together here could be telling that you are being manipulatet to think that your way of living and behaviors is not "legal" that you should change, so you can be like the rest of the "normalized" world.

knight of swords tells you that it is time to fight for your right to be your self - so what if you canīt deal with having ppl round you all the time ? so what if you wanna be th "lone Wolf" outside the pack ?
As it is your nature, then maybe you are trying toooo hard changing your self - shouldnīt also the world and your inviroment have place, room and heart for you ?

I can see why you see these things in your cards - but if you view the reversed justice from this angle, it might be telling you that you are the one being mistreated here, that the unfairness is on you and not done by you ?

We are all uniqe - different from one another - striving for perfection with in shouldnīt be about becoming a stereotype - but find what it is that makes us uniqe.

Thatīs it Kaz
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