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Bec, I see your point.
And you draw the cards for you so that will be different then if I would draw them for you. I read them as what they mean to me, and that can be different for you. *Looking confused now*, can I still read and understand what I just wrote? I think so, hope you can :-).
Might be interesting to do the same spread in a month and see if we all have different issues or still the same.

I read your cards more or less the same as you and Bec do, just some differences to add to it. You guys summed it up really neat.

Tower represents to me also something that is not to be avoided, no matter what.
Makes me wonder if there was a necessity for loosing weight. You don't have to answer that, just letting my brains spin round a bit.

8 Pentacles is to me, besides what you said about it before, also the "Just be yourself and enjoy the normal things of life" card. The appreciation of all normal earthy things, the everyday routine of working/studying and familylife.
In this case that would not apply.

High Priestess: nothing to add.

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