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WOW!!! You guys have been busy *LOL*. This is great stuff! I am so lucky that you guys were in for forming this study group ~smiles~.

Bec hon, you make me blush ~gentle smile~. And listen to what Kaz and I had to say about the reading ... we pretty much had the same interpretation and that is that you and I certainly did not have any talk about the 7 of pentacles.

Kaz, you are right on *LOL*. And you know what? I am even going to tell you the reason why I am needing to loose the weight ~smiles~ I am getting married, dress fitting is coming up and I promised myself I would be able to wear a bikini and look hot in it on my honeymoon *LOL*. Also because I just feel much better about myself in general when I am thinner than I was. And the better I feel the more in tune with myself and others I am.

It is really reasuring to have friends to share the readings with. It is showing me that I understand more than I thought I did *LOL*. The one thing I am wondering is that as long as it is not something negative it seems easy to be objective. In the cases where there seems to be negativity in a self reading we seem to focus more on the bad and not see the good ... not using objectivity any longer. Just an observation.

I think we should revisit these spreads in a month and see how things are going for the 3 of us and what has come to pass.

Love & Light,
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