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Formal beauty

Originally Posted by Startarot
I wonder what the formality is around. On the table there seems to be an instrument of some sort. What ceremony/ritual is she performing with the new born child. In some ways it reminds me of the Jewish tradition of a Brisque. There is bowl on the table is that for some sort of cleaninsg and what about the plant, could it be medicinal? And the kiss, could it be more than just a sign of affection? Part of the ritual, the kiss of life? So many questions this provokes for me.
Hi, Startarot,
Seems to me that your observations are on target. I think we are seeing a ritual, probably one of a mother welcoming and acknowledging a new person. At the same time, Mom does some ordinary, necessary things: she cuts the cord with that curved instrument, washes birth secretions off the baby and notes the astrological data about the birth.

I'm not familiar with the Jewish rite, but the ritualistic flavor that you mention probably has similar roots. For one thing, there's a sense of calmness, solemnity and purity that one associates with holy rites. Also, the pattern we see on the bowl and the knife is "formal" in the sense that it is a very organized, symmetrical design probably based upon a plant. It looks something like the lily patterns that graced ancient mosiac borders in Greece and around the Mediterranean, which for me brings to mind how universal this scene is. (It's also blue on white. Might the colors might tie in with the Jewish tradition?) And I agree about the kiss. It isn't just an affectionate peck. Whatever it means, the kiss is very deliberate and purposeful.

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I simply love this deck!!!
Oh, me too!!
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