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MAAT Tarot Study group 10 of Wands

Still part of the Full Moon Cycle of Cancer
Major card-The Magician- Planetary ruler Saturn

The week of new moon in Capricorn (new moon January 18th, 2007)

"The new moon phase symbolizes always being at the beginning and end
seeing life as an ever opening bud, the intuition rather than logic
rules here, the projection of self on other's motivations. Very
powerful for beginnings and endings."

10 of Wands

Planetary ruler Saturn

The traditional meaning of the 10 of Wands is that a burden will soon
be lifted, it can also imply a change of residence or a person whose
path is obscured by his burdens. I would like to also include that I
see symbolically illustrated in this card is the idea that 'your
character is your destiny '. Implying the idea that even if we shed
our skins and reincarnate our karmic debts follow us and must be paid
in full, as well as that which we are owed must also be returned to
us. Our karma is the work that we have come into the world to do.

Making the suggestion that tending to our burdens and
responsibilities will create the joy and harmony we seek.

Our actions create our reality and what we do has a direct effect on
how our lives are much of the petty disharmony of our lives is of our
own making. Personal internal issues are often reflected in the
external world. At the same time natural catastrophic disasters can
happen to innocent people who don't deserve the suffering just so the
people who owe so much can find ways to pay back the karma they owe.
Natural disaster can serve as a wake-up call to people who are
addicted to 'creating disaster' so they can come in and play the role
of hero and feel better about themselves. Natural disaster can show
these 'disaster junkies' or 'the people who are always looking for
evil/the shadow outside of themselves' there is plenty of disaster in
the world and we don't have to create it, provoke it or seek it out.

Publicly sending money to charity that was acquired by the sweat of
someone else's brow does not release the giver from the karma of
having done some despicable and deplorable act. Ordering someone else
to do something is not taking personal action. Pledging one's
allegiance to some cause or party will not purge past misdeeds. The
legacy of misdeeds will continue to linger with the individual until
the wrong is made right. Likewise the misdeeds of a few can not be
projected onto the individual's entire race, nation children or
future children. Karma good or bad can not be transferred. It is a
joke to think one could use another as a 'scapegoat'to purge misdeeds.

The only real way to release ourselves of our personal karma is to
deal with the tasks set before us. The task at hand is the task that
requires our immediate attention, even if it is tiresome, boring or
repetitious. Putting off tasks just turns them into big tasks later.
The tiresome, boring and repetitious tasks are what make the
exciting, inspiring fun tasks more pleasurable and meaningful.

We may have been fed the dream of a life full of gallant heroic tasks
for god and country that would leave an immortal legacy or the dream
that with hard work we can become rich and never have to work again.
But the reality is that work is what we do as humans work gives us
purpose and fulfillment. Work keeps us strong , mentally sharp and
contented. The real heroes of the world are the ones who unobserved
wipe tiny wet noses and clean up the cup of spilled juice. The real
heroes are the ones who folded that fifth load of laundry and put it
away without acknowledgement, compensation or accolades, the people
who opened a door or gave a seat to an elderly person, the people who
clean the soiled beds of the sick and old. For these souls are
setting the personal world into harmony and this is its own reward.
It is the kindness shown to people that no one else sees that shows
the true character of a person. The most rewarding jobs on Earth the
ones that don't pay at all.The image for Maat Tarot's 10 of Wands is
an old Native American woman trudging through the deep snow with a
bundle of wood. The sky is pink suggesting that the sun is just about
to rise. The size of her burden shows us she has been up early before
light ,collecting the wood with intention of preparing the day's meal
as well as keeping her lodge warm. The trees ahead of her obscure her
view but she knows what lies ahead without being able to see.

Traditional tarot meaning: relief of a burden, or an inability to see
where one is going because of a burden.

Other Capricorn moon cards to think about...

First Quarter- 3 of Swords-(Sept.22-Oct.21) Planetary ruler Venus Traditionally heartbreak or the Mother's broken heart, in MAAT it is the Spirit/Love goddess broken by dogma and the ruthlessness of religous extremism.

Full-The Queen of Coins(June 21-July 22)Planetary ruler The Moon
A woman of wealth who takes care of herself and others. She teaches the lesson of keeping and using your personal power.

Last Quarter- 4 of Cups (March 21-April 19) Planetary ruler Mars
Lancelot du Lac and the four queens. Teaches the lesson of choosing your heart's desire over what is offered to you by the external world, regardless of the consquences. Lancelot refuses sexual favors from Morgana la Fey and 3 other queens who seem to represent the four directions because of his loyalty to Gwenhwyfar. For his refusal Morgana imprisons him. He is soon released by his jailer's servant because of his kindness to her.

Full Moon Cycle of Capricorn-The Hermit(June 21-July 22)Planetary ruler The Moon- Major card-
The Full moon cycle just after Summer Solstice. The Hermit is the
Egyptian God RA represented by the sun of the afternoon. RA(the sun) who exsists alone in the day time sky except for an occasional visit from his daughter Isis(the moon).

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