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Admittedly I had this dream a few weeks ago, and was trying to decide whether to post it, and then where to post it!

It involved me and little man's father, the only people in the dream

We were standing outside this house, no idea whose house it was, which was on a hill. Then little man's father told me that he had to go to the toilet and then told me to wait for him here. There was some sort of drain/pipe/tunnel that he climbed to, and continued to crawl through. After some time, I wondered if he ever was going to come back, so I started to walk away from the house, at that exact time he came out of the pipe/drain/tunnel. Then, pretty much straight away, we were passionately kissing, and then soon after, not sure where we were, pretty sure it was not outside the house (I sincerely hope not - either way can't really remember) we were getting intimate, I mean REALLY intimate

I had a quick look in the book I have, and what I can't remember, I did write it down, but don't have it with me, the fact that there was climbing through a tunnel reflects the fact that the focus has turned inwards, looking at what has happened in the past and all that sort of stuff. Going to the toilet reflects the need of flushing away unwanted stuff, so in some sort of way then it can be seen as facing up to your demons and dealing with them in a way that it no longer affects you, if that makes sense. The thing that confuses me, is that I am not sure that little man's father in the dream actually reflects him or an aspect of him. If that is the case, then it is indicating that there may be some stuff that he needs to sort out before, oh, I don't know!

Any ideas???
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