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Originally Posted by cardlady22
What kind of religion will they "resurrect" based on remnants of modern-day civilizations? What a joke it will be if they ascribe great wisdom, powers and abilities to us the way we do to our ancestors!
haha Yes, in a couple thousand years, there will be fierce discussion about how exactly the modern understanding of the Great God Brad Pitt is different to the form worshiped by us ancients Our ancestors will have got it all wrong by recognising his marriage to the demon Angelina Jolie, when clearly the only theologically correct marriage would be to the queen of heaven, Jennifer Aniston The one true original religion. (Yay team Aniston)

Any future religion using good old Brad as an expression of a principle is clearly not a resurrection of modern "theology", nor Hollywood fact. What is important would be how they use that figure. Lets face it, even aside from my silly metaphors, the same happens in actual religions. Is modern Catholicism very similar to early Christian groups? Nope. Does that mean Catholics are not true Christians? Nope, just means they are not the same religion, but have a degree of shared symbolism. (Did you know Jesus wasn't even his real name? )

Originally Posted by Abrac
Nuit, Hadit and Ra-Hoor-Khuit represent the figures on the Stele, did they try to convey to Crowley the true meaning of the Stele through the BoL?
I think it's the other way around. The figures on the Stele represent Nuit, Hadit and Ra-Hoor-Khuit (to Thelemites). The figures on the Stele also represent Nut, Behdet, and Re-Horakhty (to ancient Egyptians and those interested in studying them). The BoL in no way conveys the meaning of the Stele. It is not meant to, and does not. The Stele's is an artifact from the funeral of an ancient Egyptian, which includes symbolism bastardized by Crowley to express something completely different.

Originally Posted by Abrac
Does it play as crucial a role to the formation of Thelema as modern scholarship would lead us to believe?
The Stele does not play a crucial role in the theology of Thelema, but it does play a crucial role in its formation. Theology and formation being completely different things. Its primary importance is as proof of Rose's psychic experience. It was Rose (Crowley's wife, who had no knowledge of Egyptian religion, or magick) who started receiving communication from other entities. The Stele's important in that sense, in that she was able to correctly identify a representation of Horus, that included the catalogue number 666 and get Crowley's attention. This lead to Crowley performing the ceremony that lead to the Book of Law. The BoL is not a manual on how to use the Stele. The BoL is a manual on how to understand and practice Thelema. The Stele is a part of the story of how Crowley came to receive the BoL, and was woven into the mythology by Crowley. Not the other way around as you seem to be suggesting Abrac.

A connection between Thelema and the gods of ancient Egypt is not there, and should not be, apart from some shared symbolism.
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