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Hi, all!

Can I jump in here, too? I just can't express how much I love this deck! For me, it is a very personal deck, as no one has asked for a reading with it yet.

I just love going through the cards and getting to know the characters. To me, this deck is like your favorite book series from when you were a kid. There are so many different players and each one is like an old friend. I'm working on memorizing more of the LWB, but it's difficult. Strangely enough, I usually remember the stories about the characters more than the characters' actual names.

When I look at cards from this deck, the designation of the card (from a traditional tarot standpoint) is almost secondary. The first thing I see when I pull the Knight of Swords is not the the "Knight of Swords"'s "Tom Tom"!

Speaking of Tom Tom, (some of you might not be able to relate to this comparison if you haven't seen the program) he reminds me of Eddie Haskel from the old 50's TV show, "Leave it to Beaver". He's all charm and big doe-eyes and "You look lovely today, Mrs. Cleaver," but you know that he's really planning something sneaky.

Regarding the knife on Tom Tom's shirt, the first thing that struck me is that it's pointing right up at his throat. To me, that seems to be a warning that all his shenanigans will only hurt him in the end.

I'm enjoying your threads, Yaboot, especially since it's urging me to look at the deck itself more often!


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