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Mythic Tarot - Eight Pentacles

Daedelus starts over again in a new workshop, this time in Sicily. He works on one pentacle while seven unfinished pentacles lay on the ground before him. Grape-laden vines stand before him.

  • the apprentice
  • a mature student
  • working hard to develop new skills
  • dedication and single-minded energy
  • a new venture thatís a departure from what one has done before
  • post mid-life crisis
  • realization that one can still continue to grow and make new things manifest
  • the energy, enthusiasm for hard work and thirst for knowledge shown by those who have some life experience under their belts
Random Thoughts
  • someone who always seems to land on his feet
  • older and wiser
  • knowing who youíre hiring
  • having learned from oneís mistakes
  • oneís last chance to do good

The keyword/phrase I came up with in my workbook on 14Mar92 was "starting anew".

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