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Yes, I can imagine them living happily ever after too, this is such a lovely playful, colourful card. To me the colours represent the kind of clear sweet inspiration we have when we're young or throwing ourselves into a project or a relationship or whatever, but that we lose or even sometimes disown as we get older and start standing on our dignity all the time. The Queen of Wands knows how to be true to herself, and isn't afraid to let her marvellous colours show and shine. She looks balanced - she seems to be floating in the air above the magnificent trees, yet at the same time she looks very firmly seated. The baby on her knee is naked, and holds a set of golden scales again seeming to speak of getting the balance right. A rich canopy floats over the two of them - makes me think of the kind of protection that comes from simply trusting that all will be well. The lion at the Queen's feet is funny and endearing - he looks like something they've conjured up together.
Studying this card has helped me understand the Queen of Wands better - like many people I have trouble with the courts anyway, and in other decks I sometimes found her a bit overpowering. One sentence in the book of the Tarot of Prague is particularly helpful, and seems really to sum her up exactly as she's illustrated:
'While she is very down to earth, she isn't conventional and can sometimes be surprising. She won't always do things in the obvious way, and her imagination and originality can add considerably to her attractions.'
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