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Originally Posted by Jagdamba View Post
The Hanged Man

Best case: You will get a sudden change in perspective through this meeting that will you find really illuminating. You will use this new information to handle the changes ahead in your life with poise. Your plans will become more grounded. Consider this moment, before meeting with K, as a break at the crossroads in your life and the meeting with K as putting the fuel in your engine for the next stage of the journey.

Worst case: Your expectations of this meeting will be completely upended. Your head will be buzzing but you will feel quite stuck physically. The outcome of the meeting will be that you will still remain at a crossroads in your life, hoping for the best but having to wait on the green light from other people before being able to move forwards. You will feel as though your hands are tied, try and surrender to the process.
I'm kinda expecting us to get physical so maybe that won't happen or.. lol? *wide eyed*

What's your ques?
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