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Hi Kath,

Great idea about the extra card! And well spotted, what an eagle-eye you've got. I really struggled with the Death card - it's one of the ones where I started from scratch when I did the published version, as my original version (of Hell) was far too dark for the meaning of the card:

I found the gentle "Death of Mary" image far more suitable, then messed around with how to get the skeleton/ Grim Reaper in there somehow. Hence two versions. I ended up tossing a coin

I've kept "The Devil" as a typical scare-the-bejesus-out-of-the-illiterate-masses theme that was so common in the era of artwork I was using. One Hell card's enough!

Another card that I have two versions of is The Chariot - one with a female driver (like older decks), one with a male (more like Rider Waite). Maybe that would be a good one to include as two versions?

I'll bring up the possibility of doing a card with 2 versions with US Games. They often use one of the 'extra' cards (since 80 cards fit on a printing sheet) as merchandising, listing their products etc. So I guess they might prefer to do that than include an extra card. I'll definitely bring it up with them as an idea, though

There is an "author" card included with the deck - the explanation card that's currently on the front page of - I thought this would be a good card to sign for if people want the deck autographed. Or maybe the box - not sure what that will look like yet.

For Aussie buyers, I'll definitely sell autographed copies directly. Postage from the US nearly doubles the prices for us if we buy through Amazon, so I know how you feel! Hopefully will be cheaper if I can buy a whole carton for personal sale. USGS are happy for authors to do that, we can buy our own decks at wholesale price - although I'll be freighting them from the US so I won't be able to sell them any cheaper than normal retail.

You should also be able to buy it through any shop (worldwide) for a reasonable price. One of the big plusses of being published by USGS - they have distribution well and truly sorted.
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