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This card I like.....this is the card of the past........there is 2 sides to this card.
Fond memories and nostalgia, or not so fond memories and would rather the past stay in the past.

Now with the smaller figure having 2 faces, one face is looking up at the larger figure and excepting..."embracing the past".....The other face is looking away from the larger figure and unexcepting........."unwilling to embrace the past"...

The 6 of cups to me (most of the time) is the past card, it could be a past love (relationship) and old friend or a new one that you just "click" with (which feels like you have known each other forever), an event like a reunion, or a situation that requires past knowledge. So depending on which face you see at first glance and your initial gut can be something or someone, that is either "excepting" or "unexcepting" (for the querent) from their past.


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