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I don't think I could go back to Rider Waite

Hello, Empress_W!

Your excitement about connecting with the TdM is so familiar to me!

I felt the same way when I began working with it -- like I was infatuated, and had finally found my "One & Only"!
I even posted on this Forum, asking for advice on whether or not I should sell off the rest of my deck collection (!)

Today I'm happy that I didn't get rid of all my other RWS-prototypes, because once my "Honeymoon Phase" with the TdM wore off a bit, I was once again drawn to the rich variety of my other decks!
And then I fell in love with the Thoth, and was "monogamous" with that deck for a while...went back to the RWS....eventually had my Tarot world rocked by Dark Carnival..., etc.

I've come to understand that, personally, I place high value on variety; also, that each deck has something special to offer, its own voice & tone.

Finally, I must note that in my experience, most Querents unfamiliar with Tarot just don't "get" the TdM -- it goes right over their heads.
Since my reading style tends to be very interactive, like a joint exploration with the Querent, I try to find a deck that they can easily relate to, and my experiences using the TdM with such novices were unfortunately huge flops!

I don't mean to be discouraging in any way, just sharing my own findings on this Tarot path we walk.
Good luck and have a great time with the TdM, it is a fantastic tool for unlocking the intuition even more, and is very liberating!
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